Ham & Swiss Wrap (74)

Ham & Swiss Wrap, Pickle & Olive Picks, Baked French Fries, Almond Joy Pieces.

Though I already posted my lunch bento I decided to make a dinner bento as well since I’ve got some leftover Easter ham to use.

This ideal meal begins with a wrap of black forest ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and ranch dressing. The wrap is combined with olives, cornichon, baked maui onion french fries (these things are addictive!), and almond joy pieces.

Simply Delicious!

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Spring Onion Wrap (25)

Sriracha in Bear Cup, Thank You Berry Munch Cookies, Spring Onion Wrap, Tomatoes on Veggie Picks, Clementine

Today’s bento is in my new Hello Kitty Sandwich Box which I got in my January bento swap.

I used one of my great Lee-Lees market finds for the wrap – the Wei Chuan Frozen Spring Onion Thin Pie. This is a package of five “pies” that are much like a wrap or tortilla. I baked one of the wraps until it was cooked through yet still pliable. To it I added some shredded mozzarella cheese and put it back in the oven to melt the cheese. Once melted, I added some leftover meat from Friday’s Maid Rite Sandwiches. The combination of the cheese, meat, onion wrap, with a touch of sriracha was perfect.

I added some fruit and cookies to round out the bento. The box was combined with an apple and Diet Pepsi to make today’s Ideal Meal.

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Ham & Havarti Wrap (9)

Purple Potato Chips, Custard Cake, Mayo/Mustard in mini-box, Ham , Havarti & Letttuce in Sun-dried Tomato Wrap, Tomato Pick.

Our office has been closed on Mondays for over a year. This week we changed our hours to include Mondays once again. Did I mention I worked over 70 hours last week? Wow! What a great week to add another day to office hours!

All that is to say that this lunch needed to be simple since I am having trouble remembering my name right now.

I had a black forest ham in the freezer so I decided to take that out over the weekend and slice it on the deli slicer. Beautiful ham, havarti cheese, and green leaf lettuce went into a sundried tomato wrap to make a simple lunch.

I sliced up a purple potato and baked some chips to go with the wrap and added a custard cake and side of mustard and mayo for the wrap.

Today’s Ideal Meal was enjoyed by my co-worker who rarely tries new things but liked it alot after we found that the ham did not agree with my stomach. Darn – it looked so tasty!

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