Crustless Quiche (70)

Top Tier: Butterfly Crackers, Cream Cheese & Cavier, Cheesecake Bites w/blueberries. Bottom Tier: Two Muffin Size Quiche, Carrot Tulips, Butterfly Gummi, Small Bottle of Sriracha.

Today does not feel like Spring. It has been cold and blustery and threatening to rain all day. I decided that I wanted to welcome Spring anyway so I put a bit of the season into today’s bento with some flowers and butterflies.

The crustless quiche were made with bacon, swiss cheese, red pepper, and scallions. These were baked in some new silicone muffin cups I’ve been wanting to try and I love how they worked! The quiche popped right out of the cups while still warm and I put the extras in the freezer for another time.

To complete today’s ideal meal I added some carrot tulips, a small bottle of sriracha for the quiche, crackers with cream cheese and caviar (one of my favorite luxuries!), cheesecake bites with blueberries, and a pretty gummi butterfly.

Hello? Spring?

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Ham & Swiss Quiche (59)

French Biscuit, Ham & Swiss Quiche, Cinnamon Bear, Tangelo, Snap Peas.

I have a couple of appointments today so I need a bento that will travel well and be good warm or cold. Quiche it is!

I like to make mini quiche and decided today to try something a little different. I have a few tubes of pillsbury biscuits in the fridge I need to make use of so I though I’d try one for the crust.

Now there may be rules for this sort of thing but I did not attempt to look for them and chose to make up my own method.

My method was to take a single biscuit from the tube, press it into the pan, and cook it just enough to puff a little before pressing it down again and adding the filling.

While the crust was in the oven, I mixed together some diced ham, red pepper, green onion, shredded swiss cheese, an egg and a little water.

Once the crust was pre-cooked, I pressed it along the bottom and sides of the pan again, poured in the egg mixture, and put it back into the oven until the top was lightly brown.

This method worked great! The quiche was light and fluffy, the crust cooked perfect and it was another simple recipe that I could put into my convection oven so as not to waste electrity.

To finish off today’s ideal meal I added a French Biscuit (crisp little filled cookie), some snap peas, tangelo, and a cinnamon bear.

Have a healthy, happy day!

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Quiche me in the Garden (27)

Bacon, Mushroom, and Swiss Heart Quiche, Mozzarella and Tomato Flowers, Grapes, Clementine slices, Apple logs with cinnamon, and Chocorooms all on a bed of fresh sweet basil.

I mentioned yesterday that I got my bento swap package. Another great item in it was calling out to be used so I took my new mini heart pan and made a quiche.

Once that was done I really liked the colors and decided to add some fresh ingredients to highlight the color for this bento.

It’s pretty rare that I do creative bentos but I really like how this turned out so I’m entering it into hapabento’s BOMB Challenge. The February BOMB Challenge is Red.

This Ideal Meal has red tomatoes, red grapes, red pepper (in the quiche), a red bento box, as well as a heart in honor of Valentine’s Day and the National Heart Association’s Heart Awareness Month.

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