Tonkatsu & Crab Bento (123)

Top Tier: Spicy crab beggars purse, crab claws, pears drizzled with chocolate. Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu, cabbage, steamed rice, mini container of sweet chili sauce.

Today is a kind of cleanup as far as bento is concerned. I am trying to use up some of the items in the freezer so I took out the last of my egg sheets, imitation crab claws, and boneless pork chops.

The chops were a nice thin cut that lent itself nicely to tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is basically a breaded, fried pork chop which I made by seasoning the chops with salt and pepper, dipping in egg then coating with panko. I fried them in sesame oil till nicely browned and then cooked up some cabbage and rice to go with it.

Finishing out this ideal meal is a beggars purse filled with a spicy crab mixture, a couple of imitation crab claws and some pears drizzled with chocolate sauce. Delicious!!

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Crab Claw & Egg Pouch (110)

Top Tier: Apricot, Mango, Blackberries.
Bottom Tier: Egg Roll, Egg Pouch with Spicy Crab Filling, Imitation Crab Claws, Broccoli, Red Pepper Strips all over Steamed Rice.

I had to run out of the house early this morning and never had a chance to post my bento although I did remember to get the photo. So sorry for the late post!

I have to say it was a very tasty lunch today and the egg pouch, which was just used to fill space, is something I will definitely be making again.

Today’s bento features imitation crab claws. I got these in the frozen food section of my Asian market after debating about them on several previous visits.

These claws are really just a gimic and, unless that’s what you’re looking for, these aren’t any different than any other imitation crab with the exception of having less per package for a higher price. Imitation crab is formed around real crab claws to give them the look of a crab claw.

In addition to the claws I have a spicy crab egg pouch, a couple of slices of egg roll, broccoli, & red pepper over steamed rice.

The one thing I underestimated in this meal is the egg pouch. This was made by mixing mixed some of the imitation crab with mayo, sriracha, and green onions. I then placed the mixture in the center of an egg sheet, gathered the corners to the center and tied it with a piece of green onion. It was so yummy!! 🙂

To finish off this ideal meal I have a fruit tier with blackberries, mangoes, and apricots.

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Shrimp & Crab Inari (67)

Spicy Crab Inari, Spicy Shrimp & Rice Inari, Spicy Udon Soup with Shrimp & Surimi.

Back to bento today with an easy soup & sushi combination.

The inari packets were filled with two different combinations. One holds a mixture of imitation crab (surimi), mayo, and sriracha. The other holds sushi rice topped with shrimp and a mayo & sriracha sauce. Both are topped with scallions and black sesame seeds for garnish.

The sushi is paired with a bowl of spicy udon noodles garnished with more surimi, shrimp, and scallions to complete today’s ideal meal.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Crab-stuffed Flounder (55)

Flounder with Crab Stuffing, Peas and Carrots, Scalloped Potatoes, accented with Snap Peas & Tomatoes with Spinach & Artichoke Cream Cheese.

During my weight-loss journey I have found that meals featuring high-protein and low fat/low-carb choices give me the best results.

Fish is a great low-fat/high-protein source that I try to incorporate in my diet a couple of times per week.

This bento features a flounder fillet stuffed with a crabmeat and veggie mixture. To balance this ideal meal I added scalloped potatoes, peas & carrots, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes with spinach & artichoke cream cheese.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Omurice (31)

Omelette with Shrimp and fried rice, Crab Stick, Butterscotch Lollipop Drop, Sriracha, Fruit Salad.

I was in the mood for eggs again today. In fact, I’ve been in the mood for eggs all week. Kind of strange, huh? Maybe my body is telling me I need more protein…

Whatever the reason, I did make an omurice. Omurice is basically an omelette filled with fried rice. Normally I use chicken fried rice for this but today I had leftover shrimp fried rice from last night’s dinner. Into the omelette it went. Yum!

I added some crab stick for even more protein, sriracha for the omurice & fruit salad, and a little treat of a butterscotch lollipop drop.

Today’s Ideal Meal went into the Sachi Brown Lunch Tote with a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a Myer Lemon Shortbread Cookie and Chamomile Teabag for an afternoon snack.

I’ve had a lot of problems with shaky hands during photography this week so I’m not including the finished photo. (Don’t want you to get seasick :P)

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Pesto Pork Chop (13)

Crab & Onion Fritatta, Pesto Pork Chop on Rice Pilaf, Sriracha, Cherub Tomatoes, Italian Dressing, Salad

This bento has a good bit of protein with crab fritatta and a pesto pork chop. To balance I added a simple salad of green leaf lettuce, shredded carrot & daikon, cucumber, and cherub tomatoes. I also added a little bit of rice pilaf and small containers of italian dressing and sriracha.

This bento went along with an apple, Meyer Lemon Shortbread cookie, and Mint tea to make today’s Ideal Meal. Everything went into the basic plaid lunch tote.

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Omurice & Crab Salad (8)

Crab Salad, Mini Brie Wedge, Crabapple, Clementine, Egg Sheet stuffed with fried rice and spicy beef and sriracha squiggle.

I have been working so many hours and feel that I have not been eating well except for my lunches. In some cases skipping meals or eating on the run which are both bad habits that are easy to fall into. As a result I decided to do a breakfast bento and order a greek salad for a lunch treat.

My breakfast bento was really more of a brunch and combined some good high-protein items like crabmeat, cheese, and eggs.

The egg used in this bento is another of those make-ahead items I like to keep on hand for quick meals. Two eggs can make several crepe-like sheets of egg to which a variety of ingredients may be added. In this case I took some fried rice and spicy beef and rolled it into the egg sheet. Sriracha is a must with most egg dishes and this was no exception!

The crab salad is a simple combination of imitation crabmeat, chopped scallions, mayo, garlic salt, and pepper.

A crabapple and clementine balanced the bento and I added an instant miso soup along with hot vanilla-almond tea to make today’s Ideal Meal.

The bag is a thermos brand – brown with turquoise stripes.

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