Spam Musubi

Read entire recipe before beginning.

One can of Spam (Save the can if you need a mold)
2 Tbsp ea mirin, soy sauce, granulated sugar
4-6 cups prepared sushi rice

While rice is cooking prepare Spam by slicing lengthwise into 8 pieces.
In small bowl or glass measure combine mirin, soy sauce, and sugar. Warm in microwave for about 30-60 seconds so that sugar dissolves.

Heat large non-stick skillet over med-high. Add sliced Spam and cook for about a minute. Pour the sauce over and between the Spam slices continuing to cook until Spam is lightly browned. Flip slices and cook until it reaches your desired doneness. As you’re cooking the Spam make sure you’re soaking up the sauce on both sides to get an even doneness and to get the flavor through the meat.

Once Spam is done it’s time to assemble the musubi. I did not invest in a musubi maker so I chose to use the can from the Spam as a mold. Important Note: If you want to make a mold from the can it’s best to have an old-fashioned can-opener. I found that my “safe” can-opener will not open the bottom of the can since there is no place to grip. I still used the can but had a bit of a struggle removing it since I couldn’t push it through.

To assemble musubi, rinse inside of mold with water then add a scoop of rice. With lightly rinsed fingers press rice into mold (or, if you have a musibi maker, use rinsed press). Press down tightly to ensure your musubi will travel. Sprinkle furikake across top of pressed rice then add a slice of spam.

At this point I remove mine from the mold by flipping onto the center of a strip of nori (shiny side down). You may also choose to add another layer of rice. Remember to moisten the mold or your fingers so rice won’t stick.

If your mold is open at both ends you may push the musubi through to the nori. Once the musubi is free from the mold wrap the nori around and seal with a little water.

Continue assembling until all are complete. Enjoy while fresh or wrap tightly in plastic and refrigerate for later.

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  1. Last year I got hooked on making sushi and I tried this dish after reading about it a cookbook. I wasn’t crazy about it – too salty. It has an interesting history though – considered a fast food in Hawaii. I like your blog!

    • I’m still working on my sushi skills but you are right about the Spam Musubi being salty. I think the sauce can cut some of the saltiness depending on what you use. I like a little wasabi mayo or teriyaki sauce. 😀

      Thanks for reading my blog Coco. It’s nice to know there’s someone out there.

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