The big birthday cookie

My daughter’s birthday was last week and I have to say I can’t believe my BABY is seventeen. She is the youngest of our two children and the last one at home and I am already starting to feel the sadness of her leaving the nest as we plan her senior year of high school and talk about college.

As we were preparing for her birthday I asked her what kind of cake she would like and she said that she decided against a cake this year but just wanted a big cookie instead. Really? No cake? Ok. I guess we can make that work. But I’ve never made a big cookie…

Well, Jessica loves chocolate chip cookies so that’s what she picked and on Friday night while she was out with her friends I made a batch of cookie dough, threw it onto a pan, and baked it up.

This is what we ended up with…

The big birthday cookie! (I forgot to take a picture after I wrote 'Happy Birthday Jessica' and added seventeen candles to the top left corner)

It may be hard to tell from the picture but this really is a big cookie. I mean it is BIG! This is a sixteen inch pizza pan and that thing grew to the edge as it baked but oh it was soooo good.

I was worried I may have overcooked it since it came out a bit darker than usual but I wanted to bake it a little longer so we wouldn’t have a doughy center.

It turned out perfect. The center was nice and soft and the edges had just a little firmness but no crunch. Definitely the way we prefer our cookies.

Jessica actually cut it like a pizza so we ended up with giant cookie wedges that could last each person all day. You could also make this for a party and top it with whipped cream or ice cream and sprinkles or chocolate syrup and let the kids go nuts. Healthy? No way! But such a fun treat 🙂

If you feel like doing something different for your kids (or yourself) make your favorite batch of cookie dough and bake it on a nicely buttered pizza pan to make this giant family treat.

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