My name is Alicia and I am the married mother of one adult son and one teenage daughter.

I stumbled upon bento information while researching healthy eating options after much personal illness and my husband’s diabetes diagnosis in early 2009.

When I started on this journey I weighed my heaviest weight of 317 pounds. As of Jan 1, 2010 I have lost 122 pounds with much work and the help of healthy eating through bento.

Thank you for joining me on my continued journey in healthy eating and weight loss while always in pursuit of the Ideal Meal.

Published on January 1, 2010 at 6:00 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Hi! you commented on one of my Flickr photos recently. I too have tried the blogging thing and hit it hard early on, but slowly but surely died out.

    Don’t give up on it! Even if you don’t post everyday its ok. Keep up the good work on your weightloss, & tracking it this way will be sure to keep you accountable! I too am on a weight loss voyage. It can be tough, but it’s definitely doable!

    Take care…LittleGreenSnail

    • Thanks LittleGreenSnail ~
      I’m really exhausted today and just kind of “vegging’ before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

      I definitely love bento for helping me with my weightloss and it’s nice to know someone’s there when I send out my thoughts. I’ll keep at it – just didn’t realize it would require so much effort 🙂

      See you in bentoland!

  2. Hi, I commented awhile back on Spam Musubi. I still do not really understand the bento methodology. Are you heating up your bento lunches before you eat them? I have always been intrigued by bento box lunches. They look so beautiful! I like the idea of small portions as I think I have a small stomach because I get full quickly (and I eat slower than anyone else at the table, which they say is good, but always makes my companions impatient, plus I have some weird food issues that have been with me for ages – I am 51.) I check in on your blog every day, even though I do not leave a comment. I found your blog via the fed up with school lunches blog. Good for you for eating healthy!

    • Hi Coco,

      I do warm many of my meals though most bento was made to be eaten at room temp or cold (since it was originally meant for school children).

      If I know I’m going to be unable to re-heat I just pack a little different that day. I also have a good thermos for soups, stews, etc and a variety of thermal bags to help maintain meal temperature.

      It’s great that you already have built-in portion control. That was one of my issues which bento has helped with tremendously.

      Give it a try. You may find yourself trying new things when you start just because you shop differently. Hmmm-this looks like a good space-filler…. Oh, this would be so cute in my bento…I find myself doing this more often than I should admit and I’ve tried things I would never have considered before.

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