Tonkatsu & Crab Bento (123)

Top Tier: Spicy crab beggars purse, crab claws, pears drizzled with chocolate. Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu, cabbage, steamed rice, mini container of sweet chili sauce.

Today is a kind of cleanup as far as bento is concerned. I am trying to use up some of the items in the freezer so I took out the last of my egg sheets, imitation crab claws, and boneless pork chops.

The chops were a nice thin cut that lent itself nicely to tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is basically a breaded, fried pork chop which I made by seasoning the chops with salt and pepper, dipping in egg then coating with panko. I fried them in sesame oil till nicely browned and then cooked up some cabbage and rice to go with it.

Finishing out this ideal meal is a beggars purse filled with a spicy crab mixture, a couple of imitation crab claws and some pears drizzled with chocolate sauce. Delicious!!

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  1. This is the lunch of my dreams!!! I am so sorry I found your website just this week! EVERY ENTRY is classicly Western in taste but still has all the beauty of the Asian bento! I am so inspired and motivated to achieve significate weight loss but enjoy eating elegantly! Thank you for this life lesson!

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