Tofu and Rice (122)

Instant miso soup, tofu fritters with broccoli, carrots, and rice, and a fruit tier with lychee, strawberry, and kiwi.

My schedule seems to be a little off this week. I normally had been posting in the mornings but lately I have been forgetful and/or running behind in the morning so I have been posting late in the day. I will try to be more consistent though right now I’m not sure whether that means early or late postings will become the norm. I will continue to do my best to post each weekday so all of you “lurkers” can still have something to drool over. 😛

Today’s drool is brought to you courtesy of the tofu fritter and miso soup bento.

I love this bento dish because it allows me to make my two-tier bento and still have the bowl lid in which to carry (and later make) an instant soup.

This soup is an instant miso which comes with a flavor packet as well as a seaweed and seasoning packet. I’ve had it a few times and really enjoy the flavor of the broth as well as the convenience.

In the main tier I have some tofu fritters cooked until crispy in a pan with garlic, butter, and pepper. With this I have some steamed broccoli and carrots as well as white rice. All is topped with sesame seeds and bulldog sauce. Yum!!!

For the fruit tier I have a large strawberry as well as a lychee and some kiwi slices.

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