Chili Cheese Potato (119)

Upper Tier: Red & Green Grapes, Brie Wedge, Crackers, Little Debbie Petite Yellow Cake. Lower Tier: Chili over Baked Potato.

Why when it’s hot outside do I feel like making chili, soups, and stews? I want these during cold weather because they just warm the belly but when it’s hot I don’t want to do anything that requires use of the oven and heats up my nicely air-conditioned home.

There are a few ways to get by during the summer without heating up the kitchen though.

This weekend many people will be celebrating the great american barbecue and letting dad fill up on his share of beer while leaving grill marks on anything that can take the heat.

I love me a good barbecue but besides the grill I do find myself using another great invention a lot during summer. The crockpot.

My crockpot gets plenty of use for soups, chilis, stews and anything else I can get to cook nicely without a great deal of effort or electricity.

Today’s bento features a great crockpot meal. Chilli con carne. This chili is a combination of ground beef, pinto & kidney beans, tomatoes, green chili, and a variety of seasonings.

Chili is something I make a few different ways and I will serve it on rice, spaghetti, potatoes, inside tortillas, or in a bowl with a variety of toppings.

This chili does have a baked potato hiding under it and is topped with cheddar cheese and green onions. Yum!

To complete this ideal meal I have the last of the grapes as well as some crackers and cheese, and a Little Debbie Petite Yellow cake.

A hearty and delicious meal to finish out the week.

Now crack open a beer and get ready to fire up that grill for this Father’s Day weekend. Happy Father’s Day!

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