Greek Bento (116)

Greek Salad, Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna), Green Grapes, Crackers, Pepperjack Cheese Wedge.

Do you ever find yourself needing to the grocery store so much that it prompts new recipes? Today I really needed to go to the store. I’m running out of pretty much everything. Produce, dairy, meat. You name it and we need it.

Well, unfortunately I had no car and the hundred degree temperatures don’t encourage me to go outside to walk anywhere. But I still had to cook dinner.

Hmmmm. Well I have some ground beef and ground pork. Maybe I could make lasagna. No tomatoes? Really? Hmmm. Guess I’ll make a white lasagna. Greek lasagna? That sounds interesting. I’ll give it a shot.

A few substitutions were needed since the recipe called for ground lamb, oregano, white cheddar, and more parmesan than I had in the fridge. I used a blend of ground beef & ground pork, fresh basil, and white american & feta cheeses. Overall though this recipe was a success!

My husband was quite pleased with the bechamel sauce and the feta and white american cheese melted beautifully and gave a nice complement to the hint of cinnamon in the meat sauce.

Today’s ideal meal includes a sliver of this greek lasagna along with a simple greek salad of greens, black olives, red onions, and feta. Rounding out this meal are some huge seedless green grapes, and crackers and cheese.

Now I guess I’ll need to talk my husband out of the car so I can do some grocery shopping for tomorrow’s meal prep.

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