Bologna Rolls (94)

Bologna & Cheese Rolls, Cornichon, Green Olives, Baby Carrots, Red Grapes, Container of Mustard. All on a bed of Iceberg.

We did it! We got moved into our new place over the weekend! I’m late doing this posting in fact because we were still organizing things throughout the day.

I really like the area in which we moved. It looks so pretty with all the grass and trees. It’s really different from where we were which was much more “desert landscape”. (The builder’s way of reducing water consumption.) Of course we do live in the desert but I really prefer the trees which have been growing in this neighborhood for fifty years over the rocks and cactus in the newer areas which are just not my thing.

Anyway…we are exhausted but I’ve been out on the trail behind our house for several walks with our dog already and I really like it. I guess change can be good for the soul. The peace that I feel when out on those walks is so wonderful.

Oh yeah – bento!

I really didn’t feel like cooking so I put together a selection of simple finger foods. Bologna & cheese rolls, green olives, cornichon, baby carrots, and red grapes all on a bed of iceberg.

I like to take a piece of the iceberg and eat it along with the roll-ups after dipping it in some mustard. Yum! An ideal meal for a no-muss no fuss lunch. 🙂

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