Salami & Pepperoni Fritatta (85)

Salami & Pepperoni Fritatta, Cucumber, Purple Cabbage, Carrots, Kiwi, Mini Babybel Cheese, Small bottle of sriracha.

I had been eating eggs pretty much daily until my surgery and then for some reason I stopped. Nothing related to the surgery. I mean just because I no longer have need for my reproductive organs doesn’t mean I need to lose respect for the chickens who still have theirs!

I decided to make a fritatta to show my appreciation for those chickens and have featured a piece of it in today’s bento.

There isn’t much fritatta friendly meat in the fridge so I used some sliced genoa salami and sandwich pepperoni. Combined with farmer’s cheese, red peppers, and green onions it is so good!

If you’ve never made a fritatta take a look at the recipes page and adapt to what you have in your refrigerator. You can’t go wrong!

To round out today’s ideal meal I have a bed of purple cabbage, carrot, and cucumber slices as well as a babybel cheese and kiwi fruit. I’ve also added a small bottle of sriracha (I’m addicted to sriracha and eggs) as well as a little ranch dressing hidden under the cabbage.

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