Chips & a Sandwich (80)

Sandwich, Chips & Yogurt. Simple But Tasty!

So I did the thing everyone told me not to do with respect to my surgical recovery. Ahem…”Don’t overdo it just because you feel better. Your insides will take a while to heal”. Blah, blah, blah. I feel great!

That was me yesterday. Today. I. Hurt.

Stupid!!! I have gone out over the past few days to run errands, look at a new house, shopping, etc. I even decided that I was feeling well enough to drive and spent a good portion of yesterday in the car. I am stupid to not listen to other people but I really did think that my body was telling me I was ready.

Oh well, at least I’m learning which brings me to the simplicity of today’s bento.

Chips, sandwich, yogurt. Need I say more?

Yummy and easy. Works for me!

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  1. I love the apple box! The meal looks delish!

    • Thanks fluteloop! I borrowed my daughter’s box but have a red one just like it. 😮

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