Panda Express (44)

Bottom Tier: Lo Mein, Sweetfire Chicken Breast, Black Pepper Chicken. Top Tier: Penguin Gummies, Spring Roll.

Today’s lunch is brought to you by the good people of Panda Express. Ok, not really. It is however cooked by the good people of Panda Express. 🙂

I managed to leave work before the sun was down last night. My daughter needed to return something to the mall and convinced me to take her so she could have her money back in her pocket for about thirty seconds. Why do teenagers love the mall so much?

While at the mall we made a stop in the Disney store and happened upon some great little bento boxes that I will try to post in the next couple of days. Handy Manny, Fairies, Princesses, Pooh Bear. Some as low as $1.99! Totally worth the trip to the mall in my opinion.

To celebrate our great find we decided to stay for dinner in the Food Court. (Another one of those things that is great when you’re a teenager but not so great as an adult.) Luckily, my daughter likes Panda Express which seems a little more healthy than the other options. I ordered a combo which provided not only my dinner but also my lunch today as well as lunch for my husband. Wow, they put a lot of food in those to-go containers!

My only addition to the Panda Express lunch was the gummy penguins. I didn’t even bring fruit – Oops! Well, maybe not an ideal meal but tasty anyway.

Happy Friday everyone!

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