Hot Dog Bun (23)

Macaroni Salad, Clementine, Cherub Tomatoes with Butterfly Pick, Spicy Mustard in Heart Cup, Kamaboko, Hot Dog Bun.

We were in Las Vegas for a couple of days for my son’s wedding this week. Before we came home I asked my husband to make a quick trip to Chinatown (I didn’t even know there was one in Vegas!) so we could look for a teapot and some bento stuff.

I found the perfect teapot to commemorate my son’s wedding. A simple design with small flowers around the top that I should have photographed for the site but forgot. šŸ™‚ The teapot will join my collection which is along the entire length of my kitchen cabinets near the ceiling and includes memories from every trip taken during my marriage and many lovely gifts from friends and family.

In addition to finding a nice teapot I was also lucky to find a nice Asian Bakery with some delicious treats to bring home.

Today’s bento features one such pastry – the hot dog bun. As stated I would expect a roll which may hold a lovely grilled dog. It is instead a pastry which holds small slices of cooked hot dogs. Kind of a fancy “Pig in a Blanket” and very tasty!

I added the hot dog bun to a side of macaroni salad, a cup of spicy brown mustard, some tomatoes, a clementine, and sliced kamaboko for today’s Ideal Meal.

This all went into the Purple Floral Thermos bag along with a diet root beer, and a raspberry zinger and chamomile teabag for my afternoon snack.

BTW – No Bento Stuff for me in Las Vegas Chinatown which is really an Asian shopping center with a 99 Ranch market and small selection of shops and restaurants šŸ˜¦

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