Popeyes Chicken (18)

Spicy Chicken Strips, Red Beans & Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Pretz with cream cheese for dipping underneath, Black Grapes, and Hello Kitty Fruit Chews.

With the last two days being 12 hours each and today looking much the same I cheated on my lunch. Yes, that’s right. That familiar looking Louisiana cooking is from Popeyes Chicken.

At around 9:00 last night when my daughter and I were heading home after work she requested a drive-through Popeyes “fix”. Who am I to say no to the kid who asks so little and works for me whenever I need help?

We drove through and I got myself a meal so I wouldn’t have to worry about today’s bento. Thanks, Little One for suggesting it. This was a terrific leftover lunch!

Added to the Popeyes items was a packet of pretz with cream cheese to dip as well as some black grapes and a packet of what I think was Banana Fruit Chews. (I bought them because the box was cute! They were the texture of starburst and tasted like banana taffy to me.)

All went into a basic sandwich box which was then put into today’s featured lunch bag. Combined with a Diet Rootbeer (I’m almost out of this finally!) this was today’s Ideal Meal.

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