Omurice & Crab Salad (8)

Crab Salad, Mini Brie Wedge, Crabapple, Clementine, Egg Sheet stuffed with fried rice and spicy beef and sriracha squiggle.

I have been working so many hours and feel that I have not been eating well except for my lunches. In some cases skipping meals or eating on the run which are both bad habits that are easy to fall into. As a result I decided to do a breakfast bento and order a greek salad for a lunch treat.

My breakfast bento was really more of a brunch and combined some good high-protein items like crabmeat, cheese, and eggs.

The egg used in this bento is another of those make-ahead items I like to keep on hand for quick meals. Two eggs can make several crepe-like sheets of egg to which a variety of ingredients may be added. In this case I took some fried rice and spicy beef and rolled it into the egg sheet. Sriracha is a must with most egg dishes and this was no exception!

The crab salad is a simple combination of imitation crabmeat, chopped scallions, mayo, garlic salt, and pepper.

A crabapple and clementine balanced the bento and I added an instant miso soup along with hot vanilla-almond tea to make today’s Ideal Meal.

The bag is a thermos brand – brown with turquoise stripes.

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