Spring Onion Wrap (25)

Sriracha in Bear Cup, Thank You Berry Munch Cookies, Spring Onion Wrap, Tomatoes on Veggie Picks, Clementine

Today’s bento is in my new Hello Kitty Sandwich Box which I got in my January bento swap.

I used one of my great Lee-Lees market finds for the wrap – the Wei Chuan Frozen Spring Onion Thin Pie. This is a package of five “pies” that are much like a wrap or tortilla. I baked one of the wraps until it was cooked through yet still pliable. To it I added some shredded mozzarella cheese and put it back in the oven to melt the cheese. Once melted, I added some leftover meat from Friday’s Maid Rite Sandwiches. The combination of the cheese, meat, onion wrap, with a touch of sriracha was perfect.

I added some fruit and cookies to round out the bento. The box was combined with an apple and Diet Pepsi to make today’s Ideal Meal.

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Pajama Day & New Bentos

My work week was not so bad this week since I had two days off for my son’s wedding. The drive to and from Vegas, followed by an immediate drive to and from Peoria, and a full day on Saturday before the wedding reception did leave me feeling quite drained. As a result, I declare it pajama day!

Feeling quite tired last night after the reception I got a quick dose of energy when I came home to find a package at my door. The postage immediately gave it away as my new bentos from England!

Now, many of you have seen the Green Apple box Margo from Coffee and Vanilla has been using. Well – I’ve been drooling over that since I first saw it so I went on a google search and found….

Aren’t they great?! I got a green apple for my daughter (though we all know I’ll use it occasionally), and a red apple, and orange sandwich for me. So cute!

The sandwich box is kind of cool too because it has a separator inside that may be adjusted to several different positions.

I can’t wait to try them all. I may even do a bento on pajama day just for fun. 🙂

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Bologna & Cheese Sandwich (24)

Bologna, Cheese, & Lettuce Sandwich, Wavy Lays, Heart Cake, Blueberries, Cherub Tomatoes.

Do you ever want to just have an old-fashioned lunch? Today was one of those days for me. A basic bologna & cheese, served up with some chips, a valentine cake and some fruit.

This is also a great on-the-go lunch since I spend much of my Saturdays in the car going to check on all the sporting events for my work.

The bento went into the Sachi polka-dot bag along with a Dasani. A very simple way to make today’s Ideal Meal and a nice reminder of my grandpa who used to make my bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I’m out the door ready for a fun day! 🙂

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Hot Dog Bun (23)

Macaroni Salad, Clementine, Cherub Tomatoes with Butterfly Pick, Spicy Mustard in Heart Cup, Kamaboko, Hot Dog Bun.

We were in Las Vegas for a couple of days for my son’s wedding this week. Before we came home I asked my husband to make a quick trip to Chinatown (I didn’t even know there was one in Vegas!) so we could look for a teapot and some bento stuff.

I found the perfect teapot to commemorate my son’s wedding. A simple design with small flowers around the top that I should have photographed for the site but forgot. 🙂 The teapot will join my collection which is along the entire length of my kitchen cabinets near the ceiling and includes memories from every trip taken during my marriage and many lovely gifts from friends and family.

In addition to finding a nice teapot I was also lucky to find a nice Asian Bakery with some delicious treats to bring home.

Today’s bento features one such pastry – the hot dog bun. As stated I would expect a roll which may hold a lovely grilled dog. It is instead a pastry which holds small slices of cooked hot dogs. Kind of a fancy “Pig in a Blanket” and very tasty!

I added the hot dog bun to a side of macaroni salad, a cup of spicy brown mustard, some tomatoes, a clementine, and sliced kamaboko for today’s Ideal Meal.

This all went into the Purple Floral Thermos bag along with a diet root beer, and a raspberry zinger and chamomile teabag for my afternoon snack.

BTW – No Bento Stuff for me in Las Vegas Chinatown which is really an Asian shopping center with a 99 Ranch market and small selection of shops and restaurants 😦

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Cheese Enchilada (22)

Mandarin Oranges & Blueberries, Green & Red Salsa, Pepperoncini, Tortilla Chips, Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, Cheese Enchilada

This is a lunch I packed for my husband in one of our new Ikea “bento” boxes.

My husband has been really good about my new bento craze and enjoys the lunches he has been getting though I try to keep the “cuteness” to a minimum. This box made it easy to still pack a nice bento without any of the silly picks or cute boxes that are not of interest to him.

My husband said it was very tasty and he liked the interior container that kept the fruit separated nicely. (He also mentioned how this would be a good container for sour cream or salsa. This is a hint I may ignore since my darling husband still needs some fruit and veggies!)

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Spinach, Swiss, & Bacon Tamagoyaki (21)

I’ve been in the mood for yummy egg dishes so I decided to put together a nice high-protein tamagoyaki. This is a combination of swiss cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and fresh spinach. Cooked in a six-layer, three egg tamagoyaki it made a really big meal in a small space. (I actually only made it through about two-thirds and saved the rest for a snack.)

I added some valentine-themed trim with a heart & “ilfu” written in sriracha for my husband’s amusement.

In addition to the tamagoyaki I added some fresh blueberries and a little leftover sopapilla with a honey packet.

This Ideal Meal was combined with a navel orange and a Diet Rootbeer though I forgot to photograph the bag and final arrangement since I was running late this morning.

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Shrimp Linguini (20)

Top tier: Linguini with Shrimp, Bacon and Snow Peas in a Vodka Cream Sauce. Bottom Tier: Clementine, Crabapple, and Valentine Cake.

Another yummy bento from leftovers today. This linguini made with shrimp, bacon, and snow peas in a vodka cream sauce was so good I didn’t mind taking it for lunch the next day.

In addition to the shrimp I rounded out today’s ideal meal with a clementine, crabapple, and a heart shaped cake.

This bento went into the brown sachi bag along with some additional fruit for snacks.

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Beef & Kamaboko (19)

Top Tier: Macaroni Salad, Kamaboko. Bottom Tier: Steamed Broccoli, Steak Strips, Soy Sauce, Craisinettes.

Today’s bento is about trying new things. A new item as well as a new recipe.

I went to the new international market over the weekend again and picked up some new items. Today’s new item is Kamaboko – a Japanese fish cake.

Kamaboko is similar to Surimi (imitation crab) in both taste and texture though it seemed a bit more dense. I used the soy sauce for dipping this as well as for the beef strips (which were my safety net if I didn’t like the Kamaboko).

If you’ve seen Kamaboko but never tried it; don’t be afraid. It has a mild taste and seems like it would lend itself well to any recipe that uses surimi. I may try it in a salad or as a sandwich filling with some wasabi mayo next time. 🙂

Along with today’s Kamaboko, I added a new spicy macaroni salad for which I’ll add a recipe later. I also had beef strips, steamed broccoli, Craisinettes and added a package of Lemon Shortbread cookies and some Chamomile Tea.

All went into the basic plaid lunch tote for today’s Ideal Meal.

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Popeyes Chicken (18)

Spicy Chicken Strips, Red Beans & Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Pretz with cream cheese for dipping underneath, Black Grapes, and Hello Kitty Fruit Chews.

With the last two days being 12 hours each and today looking much the same I cheated on my lunch. Yes, that’s right. That familiar looking Louisiana cooking is from Popeyes Chicken.

At around 9:00 last night when my daughter and I were heading home after work she requested a drive-through Popeyes “fix”. Who am I to say no to the kid who asks so little and works for me whenever I need help?

We drove through and I got myself a meal so I wouldn’t have to worry about today’s bento. Thanks, Little One for suggesting it. This was a terrific leftover lunch!

Added to the Popeyes items was a packet of pretz with cream cheese to dip as well as some black grapes and a packet of what I think was Banana Fruit Chews. (I bought them because the box was cute! They were the texture of starburst and tasted like banana taffy to me.)

All went into a basic sandwich box which was then put into today’s featured lunch bag. Combined with a Diet Rootbeer (I’m almost out of this finally!) this was today’s Ideal Meal.

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Italian Croissant Sandwich (17)

Croissant with Salami, Pepperoni, White American Cheese, Chopped Olives, Mayo, Green Leaf Lettuce, Little Debbie Mini Red Velvet Cake, Black Grapes, Mini Caprese Salad, Cucumber Slices and a little cup of olive oil for the salad.

On Wednesday I knew I would have a long day so I took this beautiful croissant I had bought at a local bakery and dug out the inside to make room for lots of meat and veggies. I actually added the salami, pepperoni, cheese, and lettuce, then found a “muffaleta spread” I had bought at the deli as well. This spread is basically a variety of olives chopped together so fine it spreads. A little mayo finished it off and it was plenty big enough to cut in half for a lunch and a dinner bento.

To the bentos I added a caprese salad, some cucumber slices, and a Little Debbie Mini Red Velvet Cake. Yum!

Everything went into a basic box (and it’s twin for my dinner) and was combined with an apple for lunch and an orange for dinner. Each box went into it’s own bag though I’m only showing the Sachi Red Plaid in the photo. These traveled well for my busy day and two Ideal Meals!

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